I Hate Thursdays

I used to plan a lot. It brought a sense of control over my day, but only that. Things inevitably pop up and then I had two problems: an unfulfilled plan and this new thing that wasn’t in my plan. Instead now I’m more about the mindset and taking things moment by moment.

It’s Been Hard to Write Lately

he titles, the approval, the compliments that come from the belt promotions, they all make me feel good inside. The approval that I can’t quite give myself, because I have to learn the impulses that have been conditioned into me for decades now. I am not ashamed to admit it, but I am still a little afraid.

Advice That Took Me 10+ Years to Understand

But I remember triumphs too where my feet have taken me — things like a personal record in a 10K race that I barely finished the first time around, to the steep slopes of Mt. Snow for adventure races. I remember the beautiful moments like from walking down the aisle to see the most beautiful man of my life to mundane moments like grabbing an irresponsible amount of eggs and vodka for a New Years’ party, RSVP numbering just two. All of these moments have involved my feet.