About the Author

What do you want to do with your life? What feels right for you?

These are the questions that I asked myself back in December 2017, when I first began to write for myself and a small group of family and friends. As I wrote I began to realize that writing was therapeutic, writing was powerful, and writing was peaceful. One day someone commented to me that I should start a blog so that she would have some easier way of reading all of my writing. I didn’t do that until March 2018, when I had a long heart-to-heart about someone who was planning to leave my law firm to do a non-law job.

Since then, I’ve embarked on a journey of being more authentic and honest in my life, and to not run away from the difficult topics or from whatever that I feel. I’ve tried to work on being more accepting of whatever comes my way, even if it is something that initially would have made me run away. This blog is nothing more than an attempt to capture these fleeting thoughts, those moments of “riding the waves” that come at us in life.

You can ping me at my LinkedIn here. It’s a bit old fashioned, but it prevents spam. 🙂


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