Checking In: Life After Law

It might be good to write about what people want to hear, but once in a while, you gotta write to yourself.

I recently overhauled my site to make it more navigable for people. But I think in that rehaul I was thinking that more people would read it more. In truth, that has not happened, or so I think.

I’ve been trying to grow my side project, that of creating and doing more in martial arts. I also have a new non-law job, which once I fully feel that I have left the law, will simply be a job. I can’t wait for that day when it will happen.

It’s only been a week since I quit my law job but it might as well be a million years away. There are some old habits that I have yet to let go of like working all the time and letting my brain rest, but I am trying to change my behavior so that my mindset can follow. It’s been good to use tools like Slack and all else to communicate with people, but I also want to try to single task more next week so I can put all of my energy in one place.

I do not miss being an attorney. I do miss being able to walk down the hall and talk to someone, though I admittedly did not do that a ton either at my lawyer job. For the most part it is still to early to tell how I feel in this job, but it feels more right than usual. For that, I can be grateful.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a free weekend to do what I wish. And I won’t work because my brain needs some rest, and that’s within the company culture to rest. It’s going to be new, but it’s going to be nice.


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