Left Page

Kyle Cease has something in his Limitation Game series called the left page. These are actions that make you say, “hell yeah.” These are the insane things that I would never do because I’m conditioned to ask “how” instead of simply taking the first step of doing it. The “right page” item is the naysayers who ask, “but what about this?” and introduce obstacles to doing or accomplishing something.

I’ve had a few more left page items come up lately, and I love that. It seems that the more I do left page items, the easier it becomes to find more left page items to do. And the item can change over time as well.

Here are all the left page things I want to do.

Write a feature story about the Unity Jiu Jitsu kids team, complete with really shiny photographs

Get a damn good camera

Start vlogging. No one understands what the heck lawyers do. Our life is boring as hell but it does have its good parts. And I want to make it as much about access to other potential first-gen lawyers as it is entertaining.

Restart my podcast and really hammer home some of the stuff I’ve made and discovered lately

Go to another major jiu jitsu tournament and get my ass kicked

Sit for two hours and do nothing but watch the show of my mind



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