Feels like new and powerful

Like a tree without the knots

Like life without suffering

Like a horse drinking from a clear water stream

I felt the clarity move through me

And I had no fear.

IN the distance a hawk would cry

And I would understand what it meant to be free.

Where do I go from here?

This old death and new life

I follow the stream of my ancestors

Feeling the two of me join together

The past with the future–

Together they form the present.

A gift of awareness I saw in the deep

Well of the world and all that was loved

Full in the air between the breeze

And the rush of melted mountain snow

And in that instant I saw the crack of lightening

From deep within that spring

A shadow parting from me

A power settling in beneath

A seething energy.

And in that instant there was no time

No place for me to be

Only the beginning and the end as one

I was in an endless pasture

A ball of fire

A lark

Flying through the nothingness of infinity.

I became whole.

I became me.

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