What Rejection Means to Me

Rejection is not necessarily a failure. In fact, it doesn’t have to be rejection at all.

Sure the ego might want to be loved and accepted immediately, but it’s a matter of understanding that when true alignment happens, it doesn’t have to be forced. And, I believe, it is worth waiting for.

The only reason why it is a little harder to remember is that in the days when work gets stressful (and it sure has been for most parts of last week), that the alignment can’t be rushed.

I find myself having these interesting conversations with myself about the old fears popping up; the old ways of thinking and doing, but I also remind myself that I have a new way of thinking about the world.

In fact, the more I cling onto the past, the more I become like the law that I don’t want to be a part of anymore–one that relies on precedent to tell what should happen going forward. 

Photo by Brendan Church

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