What is Content?

What is content?

Content is whatever you write that occurs to you in the present moment. Content is your friend’s newsletter, your grandmother’s letter, and your boss’s email. Content is all around us and it is unescapable. The endless news cycle, the endless drama, the end of the endless. It is good, bad, and everything in between.

What is content?

Content is something to be poked and prodded. To be measured and analyzed. To be optimized in some way. Maybe you look at content and say to yourself, “No search engine would be interested in that.” Maybe your ad agency told you that. Maybe you told yourself that because a long time ago, someone said you were boring. And so that lives on your content. Or perfectionism. We love perfectionism so much. We hate to be human. We are afraid to be human.

What is content?

It is your poetry that you write in 20 minutes or less. It’s that podcast in your ear and in your ego telling you that you need to take these steps to be successful or girlboss or whatever it is. It’s the endless moving and blurring Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other human-powered, machine-powered scroll through on that treadmill conveyor belt feed that we call trying to Be Enough and Being Loved. It is that viral video that might actually make you feel sick inside. It is exploitation.

What is content?

It’s knowing yourself. It is not being attached to the “how” or “why” but simply doing. It is the act of sitting down and being brave and creating even if you don’t know what will come out. It might be repetitive and redundant, but that’s OK. Content is when you know that your truth is more important than any other belief system out there that wants you to be that truth. That wants you out of alignment and out of joy. For when you are content, you are yourself.

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