A Quick Poem Written for April


When you see a photograph

Does it fill you with despair

Looking at a memory realized

Out of the pale thin air

Do you dare look into the eye

Which can see more than you can think

Or will you let your fears take hold

And end on a permanent blink?

I work to capture the beauty inside

But I only have found you

The life lived but somewhat dead

For the dreams that didn’t come true

If we take a shot and attempt

To see the next frame of light

Should we be afraid of what we find

Or what passes our able sight

I know not what to expect

When my shutter goes

What I would love to know instead

Is which way the wind blows

And in the night would you expose

The film of your fragile soul

Or would you stay in the dark

And love only what was untold

Let me use the shutter flash

Not to blind but let you see

Let me bring you into the light

And tell you it was me

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