List of Things I Don’t Love to Do

Kyle Cease of the Entrepreneurial Shift wants me to write down the things that I don’t love to do, and think that I have to do, out of fear. Here are a few.

Create an amazing website with video or an amazing layout or logo

Have a podcast

Constantly ask for people to subscribe or like or to push sales

Drive traffic to my website through SEO

Teach myself how to edit photos

Be constantly producing and creative every day

Take part in a mastermind entrepreneur group

Write headlines to blog posts that are crafted so people click on them

Try to be the best in the field

Compete with fellow photographers for the best shots

Admitting that I’m a beginner, not a professional

Asking for help

Figuring out all the technical aspects of what I need to do by myself (starting to see a theme here…)

Photo by Emil Jarfelt on Unsplash

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