List of Things I Love to Do

Give advice to people

Listen to them

Care for them

Sports photography


Write poetry, particularly in the sense of thinking up clever ideas

Play Stardew Valley  and make my own adventures

Dump all of my ideas on a whiteboard and organize them

Setting goals

Giving great massages

Saying “and I love that”

Doing self-transformation courses that have a day-to-day component

Visual organization of information

Helping others and myself stay organized and better on task to manage anxiety and increase efficiency (swallowing the frog early)

Clearing away the sink of dirty dishes and general decluttering of my physical and mental space

Giving feedback to people about what they can work on in a compassionate and practical way

Giving advice that is specific to the situation and the person as opposed to being a boilerplate solution

Not being afraid to admit that I am afraid and that I still have a lot of things to work on

Learning new skills to challenge myself or trying out new things that are unfamiliar

Teaching people, including myself, what movement they want in their bodies

Looking for the best in someone and helping them see it in their own way

Leading people to accomplish a specific goal or task

Take care of animals and make them feel comfortable and confident

Writing about daily life and making observations and connections

Hiking and being outdoors and closer to nature

Taking time to appreciate people

Being an optimist even when everyone else is not

Being self-motivated to achieve a goal

Coming up with new business ideas

Being determined to go all the way

Exercising financial discipline

Growing and evolving day by day

Making decisions quickly

Humor in a situation

Organizing ideas

Being willing to let go, start over, and try again

Seeing the situation for what it is and not letting others’ perceptions cloud my judgment

Listening to what my heart wants

Having unpopular but heartfelt opinions

Finding the good in something bad

Having a good grasp of the words to use in a situation (e.g. communication)

Creating something out of nothing

Being down to earth about stuff; not thinking I am better than anyone else

Being resourceful with what I’ve been giving

Observing a situation before acting

Being competitive

Knowing when to stop

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