Skiing Kicked My Butt and I Can’t Stop Writing About It As a Result

Skiing killed my ego yesterday. It also killed my knees, my muscles, and any sense of pride I had going into this activity. I believed that I could, very much arrogantly so, stroll onto the ski slopes and be a prodigy about things.

Laugh now.

Because I’m laughing with you.

It’s hilarious that I thought I could come in and dominate. It’s also hilarious that I will be in the group of many people who blog about skiing for the first time, but probably won’t think about it much for the rest of the year.

Here are a few things I learned while skiing:

  1. Skis are heavy. Ski boots are heavier.
  2. Tiny kids hurt all not-so-tiny egos.
  3. Edging is darn near impossible.
  4. Wear a smaller shoe size next time.
  5. Tell your ski instructor if you’re not comfortable with something.
  6. In fact, communicate early and often.
  7. Ego is best thrown over the side of the mountain, preferably never to be seen again.
  8. Going up the mountain is easy. Going down is hard.
  9. Getting up after falling down is difficult, but necessary.
  10. Falling isn’t failure.
  11. Fast doesn’t mean anything if you lack control.
  12. I finally understand why chapstick is a necessary invention.
  13. The sun will burn you up and it will do so in the most subtle way. Dehydration is real, people.
  14. Sometimes, when I’m going down the mountain, I can only focus on the people who are “better” than me. I don’t see all the people “behind” me. But we are all people on the mountain.
  15. I want to get better at skiing.
  16. Now I understand why the white belts I teach seem incompetent in everything because in skiing you are forced to move your body in a way that has not been done before. And it’s HARD.



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