Why Daycare is Interesting to Me as an Adult

I took a new route to work today and passed a daycare center. A lot of buildings in DC have daycare facilities for the parents who work in those buildings. I walked by it, twice, on my way to work and back home. A few things I noticed:

  • Lots of little-kid sized stuff. Little kid sized chairs, tables, and sinks. Would it be great if we also had stuff that was made to be completely accessible to us? What about if we made certain resources accessible to others?
  • An open-class concept with some boundaries. Classrooms flowed from one end of the building to another, separated not by rooms but by bookshelves. Imagine if we had more of a communal experience and was able to go from one space to another.
  • More beanbags than chairs. Why have chairs when you can rest in different places and different ways? Why even have any furniture at all? I don’t ever feel satisfied after sitting at a desk to try to rest.
  • Labels. Imagine being able to easily identify something and to understand what it is, even if that was the first time you saw it. Wouldn’t life be easier if things were more transparent? If people were more transparent?
  • Dancing. I’m pretty sure that the kid I saw rocking out didn’t have any music playing. He was grooving up a storm to all the passerbys in rush hour and did not care one bit. Movement is fun and healthy and keeps your joints happy.


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