I Hate Thursdays

Thursdays seem to be the days that are the most difficult for me, and the rest of the world it seems. Wednesday is a cause for celebration if you’re on a Monday through Friday schedule because there is a small achievement that comes with getting halfway through the week. Friday is a big reward; it means the weekend is here. But Thursday has never been (anecdotally) celebrated by my friends or colleagues as anything special. Instead it’s been mostly a reason to cram things in so you can wrap them up before the weekend, which never works or only does after a significant amount of stress.

I don’t have a plan about what I’m going to write today. Though I’m happy to report that not having a plan is starting to serve me really well.

I used to plan a lot. It brought a sense of control over my day, but only that. Things inevitably pop up and then I had two problems: an unfulfilled plan and this new thing that wasn’t in my plan.

Instead now I’m more about the mindset and taking things moment by moment.

It hasn’t been easy to unlearn the many years of trying to seize control where it doesn’t exist in the first place. Meditation helps. If you haven’t tried it, well, consider it. Committing myself to exercise in some form every day helps. If you have problems doing it consistently, see if you’re dealing with some of the issues I write about here.

Another thing I’ve been doing this week is learning how to rest properly. I have a hard time shutting my brain off. I always need to be creating something or doing something. It serves me well when my fountain of mental energy is still there. It’s a problem when I want to keep going but my body doesn’t want to follow. That’s where burn out happens for me. And I have to be careful of that. To not push myself too hard even though I am wildly ambitious. I don’t mean that I hold myself back, but I check in with myself a lot more often to see how I feel. And I’m trying to learn how to respond to my body’s cues to tell me to stop doing something. A pleasant thing can be unpleasant after a while. I learned about that in economics class — diminishing returns. The first hamburger tastes great; the 50th hamburger, not so much.

As if the average person could eat 50 hamburgers anyways.

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