When You Ask Someone to Pray for You

In the first time for a long time I asked someone to pray for me.

Prayer is about asking for help and turning to God to guide your steps along the path.

Prayers are not answered immediately sometimes. Or they may be answered in a different way.

I have prayed for a lot of different things in my life. For me to get a new job. For me to get out of that job to find a new one. For a weekend of peace. For my friends to find the solace they need. For the easy guidance of souls when they’ve departed this earth.

Even my friends who sometimes don’t believe in God ask me to say a prayer. It’s nice because it’s a sign that they trust me. It’s a way of saying, “I’m asking for help. I don’t know how, but I’m asking.”

When you ask someone to pray for you, it is a vulnerable act. Sometimes their prayer is silent, and while you trust that they will ask for the right thing, you never really know.

So it comes all down to trust.

Trust is a tricky thing. Some people have a lot of it, whether in their own possession or from other people. Some people don’t have it at all because of events in their childhood or how society views them. A lot of my growing up has been realizing that trust is a spectrum, and that it can be earned back, with time, with certain people.

Whenever I remind myself that I am not anything but the present moment, and when I am a child of God, I feel at peace with myself even though I may also feel tumultuous inside. It helps relax and calm me. I know that the world doesn’t think the same way as me, but I trust anyways.

If you have any prayers, write them here. Ask me to pray for you.

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